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Our Classes

South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit  -   Weekend    $85.00    Week Day $75.00
NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course -                       Weekend    $75.00
NRA Home Protection Inside the Home-             Weekend    $85.00
Mil SC CWP                                                                                                      $50.00

Our classes are conducted in Columbia, S.C. area in a comfortable environment. We are also contracted to teach at multiple business locations in the Columbia area, which provide the classroom and facilities for our classes.

Course Information:  SC CWP Training.

What will you learn:

firearm handling and shooting safety.

   firearm parts and their operation.

   ammunition and its function.

   shooting fundamentals and an opportunity to develop them on the range.

   how to select, clean and store a firearm.

   various activities available to help participants develop their shooting skills.

Additionally,  in the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Training You Will Learn:

    South Carolina Law Abiding Citizens Self Defense Act of 1996. (CWP law)

    South Carolina Reciprocity agreements with other states. (Other states who honor your S.C. CWP)

    Federal, State and Local laws about where you can and cannot carry.

    South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit holder’s responsibilities.

    South Carolina Case Law regarding when and when NOT to use your pistol for Self Defense of yourself, your family, friends and/or others.

    How to legally carry your pistol when at home, in your car or motorcycle when traveling, shopping or at your own business or personal property.

    Understanding the South Carolina “Protection of Persons and Property Act”, also known as the Castle Doctrine.

    Alternatives to use of force, avoiding confrontation.

   Basic proactive physical security applications that you can apply on a daily basis to protect yourself and family.

“When EXPERIENCE counts…..you can COUNT on us!”

The home invasions, the guns on the streets, the attacks to our family members are UNACCEPTABLE!

If you actually believe that calling 911 will PREVENT any of the above stated actions, you are fooling yourself. Personally, I do not want to ever call 911 when one of my loved ones lay dying or maimed at my feet, and calling 911 is ALL I have left.

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